We Come Together In Love

The joy of coming together to the New Providence Baptist Church is to worship our Lord and Savior We come together in love, friendship, songs, prayer and preaching from the bible. And sometimes we have dinners.  This is a lovely building, but the real church is the lovely people. Come with joy, and leave with greater joy. Peggy S.

Worship Team Blessing

Hello! My name is David Moore and here are a few reasons I love attending NPBC. I love our Pastor, the message he gives each and every Sunday. There’s never a dull moment! He preaches the word of God! What more could one ask for! I love my church family we are truly a family of the most high. You can truly count on those in the church for prayer and whatever else is asked of them. NPBC is an…

My Home

New Providence Baptist Church has been a part of my soul for 8 years now. NPBC is HOME. My family is always welcome and accepted as we are. We can show up on Sunday in a suit or pajamas, it simply doesn’t matter. What matters is showing up to worship and to hear our Pastors teach the word of God. I can pick up the phone and call any church leader or Pastor, anytime. There is something to be said about…