New Website! New Providence!

New Website! New Providence!

New Website! New providence!

Our church has put this website together with the help of some great people who are passionate about sharing our church family with the community through the internet. THANK YOU TEAM!

Our church is such a simple but powerful place, and in some ways, we seem a little contradictory in our model:

·        We shy away from a ton of programs and multiple events, yet have great programs and periodic events.

·        We have some people that meet for study in classrooms on Sunday morning and some in homes throughout the week.

·        We worship using modern songs and old hymns.

·        Our pastors systematically preach through books of the bible yet wear jeans!

We are our own thing. But this is certain: We love Jesus, love each other, love the Word, and love sharing the good news. This is a Church Family and you are more than welcome here. No matter who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve done – you are welcome here.

See ya Sunday!

Pastor Brice