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LiveStream Optimizations

Final Testing of Video Player Implemeted


- Added Announcements

- LiveStream Optimazition

- More Mobile Optimazition

- Changed Title Font Size



- Launch of website


Known Bugs

- Mobile livestream Not displaying player. Unknown why this is currenly Happening %$$%BUG#:0001A

- Long inital loading times. Possibly Due to Cookie Erros %$$%BUG#:0002A

- Red Banner While website is underconstruction is not displaying properly %$$%BUG#:0003A

- Food Pantry background display at low resulution. %$$%BUG#:0004A

- Mobile Optimazitaion %$$%BUG#:0005A

- email servers not responding correctly %$$%BUG#:0006A

- Email sometimes not sending or reciving due to DNS issuew %$$%BUG#:0006B

- Email not accesable through website %$$%BUG#:0006C